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SD Faceup

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Attention - this listing is for faceup ONLY, the doll is not included. Please only purchase in addition to the head.
We offer faceup by 
The faceup takes up to 8 weeks to complete. We are not doing the faceup, we are cooperating with the artist and have no control over her scedule.

For general info about faceup, please read here.

Please note - the example faceup exhibited on XiaoYu head, it will be adjusted to the doll purchased and will have similar colors, expression and overall look.

Basic faceup - Jay, Robin or Rook. There are no changes possible to basic faceup. It will be similar to the promo with some minor differences due to manual painting.

If you choose custom faceup, please put your faceup specification in order coments in 70 words or less, you can add links to up to 3 reference photos. The artist will follow the specifications within her style. Please note that the existing custom faceup can not be repeated, but we can do something similar with changes that will make the doll look somewhat similar but not the same. You can point out some elements that are essential and leave the rest to be changedby the artist as she deems best. If you would like photos of the completed faceup, it is +5$. Please note that we do not send the photos in progress, only the end result.
You can also send it through contact form.

Please note that all photos made by us may be used as promo photos in the future.
The artist uploads photos of the faceups to her social media accounts, if you want it kept private leave a note in the comments.
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