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Our dolls are only sold on this website, we do not have any partners/representatives. If any other website/seller is selling our sculpts, please be aware that it is either fraud or counterfeit.


To order please put the items in the cart and check out. If you are unable to order through website, please contact us through contact form , or PM on Instagram .

For international customers we accept payment by PayPal. 


We ship worldwide.


Unfortunately, our website does not support the differential shipping cost based on the country and item size, please choose the shipping method in accordance with your location. The developers are working on improving the system.


Dolls are shipped by EMS, smaller items, such as heads and parts are shipped by Airmail or EMS.

We are not responcible for any fees, customs duties, taxes or fines effective in the customers country. Please look into your countries customs rules and if there is anything we can do to help let us know in the order comments. If you do not, we will declare items full value by default.

If the item is returned to us due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, customer is responcible for return shipping costs.


We check all our items and pack them pack them with outmost care, but if by unfortunate happenstance they get damaged in transit please contact us within 5 days upon receiving the parcel and send photos of the damage. After we evaluate the photos, the damaged part can be returned to us for repair or replacement at our expense, 

If the item has any signs of alteration attempt, such an sanding, carving, painting etc, it is not eligible for free replacement.


Please note - as all BJD, our dolls are made by hand and due to manual production can have some minor flaws that are not considered defects. Such flaws may include - casting seams, marks left by sanding off the funneling channels (especially on darker colors), minor gaps between faceplate and headback. In case of special colors, especially dark ones, there may be some minor marbling.


In order to provide quality faceup service, we are collaborating with the professional and talented faceup artist, Mayakdolls.

In case of basic faceup, it will be made as close as possible to the promo photos with some differences due to manual painting. 

In case of custom faceup, she will follow your description while staying within her style and abilities. Please check her instagram to see if she is able to incorporate what you have in mind. Please note that custom faceup includes any kind of makeup, skin texture and pigmentation (exept for painting the head into completely different skincolor, i.e. normal to blue ot black), It  does not include face tattoos, scars or any complicated art painted on the face. If you would like any of that please let us know upfront so we could discuss it with the artist.

We will accept claims regarding faceup only if the specified terms of reference were not followed by the artist. If you want to see the result before the doll is shipped to you, please order photos.

The already existing custom faceups can be used as refference, but can not be repeated, some changes must be made to make the dolls easily distinguisable.


Our faceups are made using high quality materials. As any BJD faceup, they are not permanent and are delicate.

If you handle your doll with care it will last you for years to come. The faceup should not be rubbed, scratched, or be exposed to any chemicals. It is best to take the faceplate off when you change the dolls clothes. We recomend using fabric gloves if you need to touch your dolls face. 

The eyelashes are attached with white glue and may fall off if the doll is submerged in water.


If the faceup is damaged (excluding the cases of damage in transit, see the "exchange" for that), usually it can not be fixed and must be redone. It is possible at customers expense.


All our items are custom made just for you and can not be returned.